How It Works

Engaging the BBP Network
Couldn’t Be Easier

Why Bemis Business Partners?

How many times have you asked if you knew someone who could solve a problem? Throughout his career, Bemis connected dozens of professionals to one another, resulting in mutual benefit through a new business relationship, a client, a new employee or a new career. The referral not only led friends to new relationships, but generally saved them time and money in acquiring the provider, employee, or a new career. A BBP introduction will save you time in vetting and deciding on a new business service provider.

How to engage with BBP

How do you start the process? View our service categories to receive a description of the service provided by a BBP partner.

If the description matches your specific need and you would like to know more, fill out a request form. BBP will contact you to discuss your needs in detail. If it is determined that a Bemis Business Partner can potentially serve your need, BBP will contact the specific partner and connect the partner with you.

The partner will then contact you in 24-48 hours. If you decide to engage with the BBP partner, you will contract with that particular partner, not BBP. You will authorize a short agreement stating your understanding that BBP is connecting you with a provider and your contract is with the partner/service provider.

Engage with the Bemis Business Partners Network