Technology is key to success. You need it to stay on top of business. But you can’t do it alone, and that’s where we come in. Our partner is a fantastic for peace-of-mind collaboration. We deliver, no matter the challenge. You need a cutting-edge IT team that specializes in sustainable business and public innovations? We are the answer.

At the heart of our success is our proprietary service delivery framework that guides our commitment to Service Excellence. Our service offerings range from Managed IT Services like Help Desk and Cloud Engineering to Software Development to Technical Talent Acquisition. The unifying ingredient to effective execution and delivery is our Service Engine. Unified Teams, Client Insight, Technical-Know How, and Operational Efficiency are the four components of our Service Engine. This approach empowers us to be nimble and tuned in to our clients’ needs and deliver services built with enterprise level rigor and quality.

End-User Services & Support

Our goal is to help our customers work as productively as possible for as much time as possible. That means supporting your team around the clock, providing an invaluable knowledge base for those that need real-time solutions to frustrating problems. Our 24/7/365 Service Desk support solutions offer quick issue resolution, leaving you with more time to focus on doing what you do best. Whatever you need to keep your company up and running, partner with us to deliver every time.

Cloud Architecture & Migration

Istonish has proven experience working with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), data centers, and other solutions so that you can be confident that no matter what you need, our team delivers. With a cloud first engineering approach, our team recognizes there’s not a one-size-fits-all fix for your computing needs. What is critical to your long-term success is that the cloud architecture and resulting solution aligns with your needs.

Network Monitoring & Management

We will manage all your business’s devices, and that helps us monitor and manage your network infrastructure more closely. Why is device management so important? Because each device represents an access point for your network. Anyone who has access to one of your business’s devices has access to your network, and they can potentially access sensitive information about your company. With our device management services, we’ll ensure each device has the right security measures and access privileges for each specific user. The more closely your devices are managed, the more secure your network will be. Along with offering network monitoring and performance management, we can also build you a customized network infrastructure that meets your business needs.

Security Management

Our security management offerings include 24/7/365 monitoring performed by our certified security engineers. They will notify you of any security breaches and resolve them with expert security solutions—but our goal with every client is to architect a security posture that will prevent a breach from happening in the first place.
When you partner with us for our managed security services, we will provide you with the security management tools to keep your network safe and let you view how well your security measures operate.

Software Development

Digital transformation fueled by the power of software development opens the door to new possibilities. A custom application, web app or mobile app has the power to create new revenue streams and business models. Software development is the underlying enabler of digital transformation.

We’re an Agile development organization and use Scrum as our framework. The Scrum iterative development and communication process ensures our customers always know where we are in the development cycle. Just as important Scrum ensures the software, we deliver does the job. From HTML5, CSS3, to .Net to JavaScript to RESTFUL API’s and more our team is dedicated to software applications that increase value to your business and advance your success.

Because we build and manage applications for enterprise and government organizations, as well as provide Managed IT Services, we bring a DevSecOps lens to our software development projects. This means we’re thinking about application and infrastructure security from the start. The result is secure, high performance software applications that multiply business value.

Technical Talent Acquisition

Finding and hiring the best-fit talent, in both culture and skill set, can be time consuming and challenging. Whether you’re looking to staff a specific project or you need access to specialized expertise, we excel at helping our clients stay on track with flexible staffing solutions.